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Weight Loss Surgical Procedures

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

There are many types of bariatric surgical procedures are available to reduce obesity. The most common of these surgeries are the Vertical Banded gastric bypass, lap band procedure, the Biliopancreatic gastric bypass, the Roux-en-Y bypass, Laproscopic banding, and mouth wiring.

1. The Roux-en-Y bypass surgery allows food to bypass the gastric section. This type of surgery is a common type of gastric bypass surgery. Instead of the stomach filling up with food, food is directed to a small section connected to the small intestine where is it taken care of. The individual will not be able to fit very much food inside the small space in comparison to a stomach.

2. The Vertical Banded gastric bypass surgery creates a small tube from one segment of the stomach to the other section. The aim of this is much like the aim of a gastric bypass surgery; to make the person feel full very quickly since not much food can fit into that first section. The food then gently moves down the tube into the second segment of the stomach.

3. The Biliopancreatic gastric bypass surgery takes out some of the stomach. In this way not as much food can fit, and again, the individual will feel full much sooner. Because a part of the stomach is gone so vitamin absorption can also be more problematic.