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The hidden gem called Victoria

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Victoria British Columbia is a gem in the Canadian tapestry. Idyllic walks along a beautiful coastline or distant mountain views are not the only features of this historically beautiful town. Victoria BC hotels are in prime locations to offer you an incredible look into a world that is long gone. For those who have been to Victoria BC, the city is ranked as the most British city outside the United Kingdom.

The incredible architecture and just the general way of life here are to be admired and taken in.  What you have to look forward to when visiting this pristine city, is award winning gardens and beautiful architecture. Key points of interest in the city include the Craigdarroch Castle and the British Columbia Parliament Building. Culture plays a very big part of day-to-day living in Victoria BC. The Royal Theatre, Belfry Theatre and McPherson playhouse all contribute to the incredible ambience of the city.

Victoria BC is known for its love of the outdoors, the Butchart Gardens, Beacon Hill Park and Thunderbird Park are all worth the visit to experience the natural beauty of Victoria BC. If you are a keen ocean view fanatic, booking into one of the Victoria BC hotels that have a view of the lighthouse, will not disappoint. The Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site is well documented and photographed. Making the trip to Fisgard Island to view the lighthouse up close and personal will be an unforgettable experience. For those who are keen on having an adventure whilst in Victoria BC, Thetis Lake and Trial Islands are worth the visit. Even though, there are no hotels situated on these islands, day trips within the designated areas are available. The islands form part of the Trial Islands Ecological Reserves and have zoned areas for visitors to explore.