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Nathan’s Email Had A Virus

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Nathan was working on a huge project for his work. While he was working on his project he went online to check his email. Nathan did not realize that one of the emails he opened was spam that downloaded malware when he opened it. Nathan signed out of his email and started to work on his project again. Nathan worked all night on the project, and started to get hungry. Nathan saved his work and left to go get food. Nathan went to the restaurant, ate some food, and grabbed a beer. While Nathan was eating he was thinking about the project and what he was going to do next.

When Nathan got home he jumped on his computer and opened up his project. He was shocked when he saw half his work was gone. Nathan freaked out and called his online computer repair technician. Nathan told the computer repair tech what happened and the tech connected to his computer. The computer repair tech ran scans to remove any potential viruses and infections. When the scans were complete, the online computer repair tech deleted the infections that were found including the one Nathan downloaded when he opened his email. When the tech was done, Nathan opened his project up again and all his work was back where it was supposed to be.