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Recycle Cell Phones The Proper Way

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Many people ask themselves “what are the required steps for me to recycle my phone?” There are too many of us keeping our old cell phones hidden in our drawers, even though they don’t use these anymore. Why shouldn’t we throw it away? Because it will end up at the garbage dump, burned with the rest of the rubbish that ends up polluting the air, the earth and the water as well.

In this case, it’s important to wonder if there is anything we can do, as simple citizens, to prevent this from happening. Well, know that almost 95% of everyone’s rubbish can be recycled, and the same thing goes for cell phones as well. You can recycle jewellery, wood, glass, paper, plastic, metal and many other things. If you plan on throwing a cell phone away, consider first if someone in your family or one of your friends could need it.

You could even considering selling it to someone who is in need of a new phone. If it’s broken, you can sell it for parts (you still have to make sure that faulty parts are disposed of properly). You could also try to discover if the manufacturer of you mobile can take it back and recycle it. There are several companies which are interested in buying cell phones back from you because they use parts of the device in the repairing of damages models or in the
manufacturing process of new ones.

A simple internet search can reveal lots of companies willing to buy that old cell phone model that you own and turn it into something useful. And not to worry, even if there are lots of parts of the cell phone which they do not use, they still dispose of them in the proper manner, without allowing anything bad to happen to the environment.