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Mis Sold PPI Refund: Why Use A PPI Claim Template Letter

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

If you are currently trying to obtain mis sold PPI compensation, you might like to know that a ppi claim template letter could be a very useful resource for you. Indeed, by making use of a PPI claims template letter, you should be able to complete the entire PPI refund process in under twelve minutes. What’s more, you should know that you can now obtain such a letter template free of charge if you are prepared to search around on the internet.

A few years ago, you basically had to have a law degree in order to even think about filing a compensation claim for a mis sold insurance policy. Alternatively, you had to be prepared to pay for the services of a professional law firm. Fortunately, nowadays, thanks to the large number of PPI claims letter templates that can now be downloaded from the internet free of charge, just about anyone can file a mis sold PPI claim as an individual and incur zero costs.

You might be wondering whether or not it is really worth pursuing a mis sold PPI claim. Well, the truth is that most claims are worth at least fifty pounds and some claims are worth in excess of three thousands pounds.