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Sweat It: Lose Fat By Moving

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

The most common and misleading belief in losing weight is that you should avoid eating. If you want to lose weight healthily you will need to eat the right foods and move. Losing weight isn’t a one-stop, quick fix method. It involves meticulous discipline in eating and exercising. In short, it involves lifestyle modifications.

A healthy lifestyle is one that is composed with a healthy regular diet complemented with appropriate activities. Fad diets and habits such as skipping meals and purging aren’t really methods to lose weight. Rather, they are methods to kill you. These dieting tips deprive your body with the necessary nutrition it needs to work and function properly. According to research, skipping meals don’t make you lose weight. As a matter of fact, a large number of obese and overweight individuals are highly associated with skipping meals anytime of the day.

Increase your metabolism!

The best way to lose the extra flab is to burn calories, and what’s more better that getting up and start sweating them off? Performing exercises does not only shrink your bellies; it can also help improve your bodily functions.

Taking the Stairs. The habit of using the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator adds up to the total calories your burn everyday. More than that, it is a simple, short-term cardio activity which can help improve your cardiopulmonary functions.

Walking. Never underestimate the power of walking. It is a popular and widely recognized activity to maintain weight. Increase the calorie and fat-burning potential of simple walking by doing this at different intensities, different intervals or at differing speeds. Heres a fact: brisk walking for half an hour can burn you 180 calories already.

Running. It is a more intense exercise than plain walking. If you prefer taking it on a higher level, you might want to do wind sprints. If you want to take it down a few notches, then you can resort to jogging or light sprints. These exercises are great for cardiopulmonary boosting. Aside from that, you are guaranteed to lose at least 300 calories in a 30-minute run.

Use of Elliptical Machines. This equipment makes use of platforms on which you can stand, and grab handles you can hold onto while the platforms smoothly move back and forth in an alternating pattern. It is an efficient fat burning activity. It can burn 300 calories in just 30 minutes.

Swimming sessions. Swimming is an efficient non-impact, joint-safe activity which can shrink your waistlines and improve your cardiopulmonary responses. A 180-pound individual can lose as much as 400 calories within 30 minutes of vigorous laps.

Snow shoveling. Really? It can help you increase muscle strength and endurance. The fun fact is that it can burn about 1100 calories in 160-170 pound individuals within an hour. Fat burning activities are everywhere. It’s just that you need to find whats working for you.  For those wanting to know how to gain weight, the opposite will be true and an increased caloric intake will be the key to adding weight.  Be sure to continue to exercise otherwise the weight will not be muscle but fat rather.