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What Instrument do You Play?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Do you play an instrument? An instrument can be a joy to play, although it can sometimes take years of practice and patience to learn. However learning is not a negative experience, but rather can encourage discipline, as one has to practice for a certain amount of time a certain number of days per week if you want to see any progress in your playing ability. Maybe you have the chance to learn an instrument in school. Sometimes private lessons can be a better choice, with the teacher more devoted to helping you specifically, whether your chosen instrument is a flute, a mandolin, or a gibson les paul guitar. Often when learning an instrument, you will have to play at recitals. This can cause nervousness in some children, but don’t let it keep you or your child from learning an instrument. The momentary discomfort of having to play in front of others will be rewarded by being able to play your instrument well after the time spent taking music lessons.