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Getting My Husband To Open Up And Communicate

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

My hairstyle has change quite often over the course of our marriage, but what has not changed is our lack of communication between my husband and I. It can be hard sometimes to get my husband to share his feelings openly and honestly with me, and I wish sometimes that we would find ways to sit down and discuss how we are feeling in this marriage. We both agreed to two kids right now, and that is a good idea since we are both in our thirties and just now launching new careers, but I think that one day I would like more kids to make our big house more full of noise and joyful.

Even though right now we are stretched pretty thin as it is with both of us working full-time and trying to take care of two kids, I think that eventually adding another child or even more may help our marriage. My only problem is trying to communicate that to my husband as he seems more interested in what is on television that the problems facing our marriage. I think that over time, and possibly even with some professional help, we can create more lines of dialogue and open lines of communication in our marriage one day.