Moroccan oil versus krill oil- nature’s gift to humanity

The Moroccan Argan virgin oil is 100% pure, hand extracted from the essence of the Argan tree especially by women in morocco. This oil is full of and rich in vitamin A, antioxidants, and vitamin E and also contains vital fatty acids also known as omega 3 and 6. It’s a truly natural response to aging. Moroccan Argan oil is a secret which is not revealed by the Berber women for eons now. It is still a medicine for them for the cure of number of various ailments. It has distinctive properties to reduce anti aging symptoms and when it is applied to skin it helps preserve the natural beauty, reducing visible lines with just a small amount and reduces wrinkles in no time.

As we all know that botox treatments have become very common these days and Moroccan oil is a naturally produced supplement which can effectively treat under eye problems. It is a great moisturizer for skin which has been damaged by the harmful UV rays and continuous damage by the sun. With just a little application on skin, Moroccan oil can do wonders in treating Psoriasis and eczema. The exceptional natural antioxidant in this oil makes it more inimitable and for this reason the Berber tribe used it as hair conditioner. If it is applied on the scalp it helps in repairing the damaged hair and makes it smoother and shinier. Overall, promotes hair growth for people who love long hair. As a result, Moroccan oil when used can make it manageable with almost no split ends and hair appearing more bouncy.  Another great source of nutrition would be an organic yacon syrup for weight loss.

Krill oil is a high quality, animal-based source of omega-3s and is an extract from the tiny fish called krill, transparent crustaceans almost similar to shrimps. They are juts 1-6 cm long and they lie in huge masses in the ocean. Whales, seals, penguins, dolphins and other sea fishes feed on them. The oil produced from these krill is an explicit source of fatty acids necessary for healthy living, healthy skin, hair and overall appearance. One important feature of this krill oil is it does not contain any mercury or magnesium that other oils contain. Krill oil contains only the powerful omega 3 acids DHA and EPA. It also contains astaxanthin, an antioxidant, highly powerful than carotene. The fatty acid substance in krill oil is carried in the form of phospholipids which easily penetrates and absorbs in the body with not a hint of fishy aftertaste. In addition to this, krill takes care of heart health, mental health, cholesterol and other health ailments and diseases.

Krill oil keeps hair shiny, smooth and healthy. Omega acids in the krill oil are vital and effective for nails and skin. Krill oil helps in cell re growth and it effectively fights hair fall, damage and breakage. With the use of krill oil, results can be seen in hardly 6 weeks. With the gaining popularity, krill oil is easily available in markets and organic stores. Off course relevant directions should be taken before starting to use this supplement with a physician.


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