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Is Data Backup a Solution to the Problem of Data Loss?

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Loss of data is something that may be impossible to prevent completely. However, there are those measures that help us minimize the chances of losing data. At, we learn more about data loss and data recovery. One of the measures that help us control data loss is ensuring that we have data backup in place. With data backup, our work is made easier since it only involves restoring data lost to the computer. However, it is never a guarantee that our data is safe with backup. One is supposed to maintain multiple backups so as to minimize chances of losing data further. This is due to the fact that some backup may get destroyed. For example, storing data in a CD may get lost if the CD gets scratched. Similarly, loss of data can happen if a floppy falls and breaks.

There are other reasons why backup is not to be relied upon at all times. It is possible that the computer goes off at the time when the backup is scheduled. In addition, the backup may have been set to work on demand rather than automatic and thus fail to save some backups. It is also possible that the backup runs out of the destination space. Another possibility is that of the backup software failing. These are just some of the reasons why other alternative measures need be put in place to avoid data loss. These other alternatives include; having antivirus in pace to prevent data from being erased by the virus, keeping the computer free from dust and moisture, controlling theft of computers and so forth. However, if losing data is inevitable, then data recovery can be done but one must ensure that the person engaged has the necessary experience in data recovery. He or she must also be trustworthy since data should be confidential and therefore should be able to hold secrets.