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Advanced Task Manager Software

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Advanced Task Manager was developed for android phone to kill processes, stop services from running, allow or disable programs in boot list, remove installed apps and view system details in one button click. It is also used to free up space in memory, speed up your phone and saving battery.

Once you’ll find a lot of projects working in foreground and history, it decreases your phone, drains your battery actually causes some unexpected situations to bring you plenty of difficulty. To gather more information about task management software, you can check out I really believe many of android users have encountered this sort of unwanted situations. So installing Advanced Task Manager (ATM)wouldbe among the easiest and quickest solutions for it.

ATM provides users with all the qualities to control jobs, processes and companies which can be operating in foreground and history. Form choice to prevent these things from operating, it also gives you more procedures, including, end the chosen object or all items by a press, increase the selected piece to Exclude List, and eliminate it from Exclude List (if it’s been put into Exclude Record).ATM offers you an option to exclude particular programs the gadget can’t stop. Exclude Listing is a list for presenting each of the protected goods, which cannot be concluded, stopped or murdered if they’re included with Exclude Number.