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Aluminium and the Perfume Industry

Friday, April 4th, 2014

The beauty and personal care market is an ever changing market, as perfume manufacturers strive to design ever more attractive packaging for their products. Packaging is important to the consumer and is used to draw the eye and make a product more desirable and eye catching. Today, it can be said that the packaging is almost as important as the fragrance contained within.

The success of the product will depend on the look of its packaging, the quality of the product and it will need to keep up with current trends and changing fashion. There is a growing trend in the cosmetic and perfume industry to use anodised aluminium in the packaging design. Using anodised aluminium packaging such as overcaps for cosmetic bottles, lipstick sleeves and actuator sheaths allows product designers to create a polished, stylish and environmentally friendly finish to cosmetic packaging.

These aluminium components and products can be manufactured in a wide choice of bright colours and can also be designed to replicate other metals such as copper, brushed steel and pewter. They can be custom made in a range of sizes and shapes to include company logos or other details as well as to meet the demands of bespoke and unusual ideas.