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Does Sweating Help You Lose Weight?

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Lots of folks wonder if they could slim down by perspiration. Since perspiration contains water and electrolytes, you’ll lose some amount of weight forthwith when you sweat a lot. But this weight will come back when you drink water or eat again. So it’s a myth which has become prevalent among individuals. That is why you can locate lots of folks using sweat suits or saunas to be able to shed weight quickly.

The myth became popular chiefly due to sportsmen and boxers who wanted to quality for a certain weight category and they induced sweating in order to achieve temporary weight reduction. They’d wear sweatsuits or sit for hours in a sauna so as to drop pounds. However be warned that this is a rather unhealthy practice. You can visit skinnyfiber-reviews for skinny body.

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There are a number of dangers related to severe sweating in order to lose excess weight. The risks comprise opportunities of heatstroke, dehydration, extreme loss of electrolytes from the body causing kidney damage, cardiovascular related problems. The weight loss through sweating is mostly water loss and not fat loss. Sweating is a physiological reaction of the human body to heat.

While you might feel happy at losing a number of quick pounds through excessive perspiration, you are taxing your body and it could result in dehydration. A few of the indications of dehydration are – thirst, loss of hunger, tiredness, muscle cramps, headaches, weakness, dry skin. After a heavy workout it is important to keep drinking water or an electrolyte drink for the next 30 minutes or so in order to replace the fluids and salts you have lost during the work out.