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The Dubai Heritage And Villages

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Today Dubai is the busiest emirates of The United Arab Emirates, but it had very humble beginnings. The earliest historical record of Dubai goes back to 1095 and during the time the city was known for the pearling industry. Tourists can rediscover this history if they visit the Dubai Heritage and Diving Village located near Dubai Creek. You can also read more through sites like and similar ones.

Through one of many cities’ bright lights it is easy to get that city had a history of pearl diving, art and craft and also a colorful maritime history. Pearl diving which is just about the oldest professions in Dubai had been what initially drew European merchants here. The city has experienced exponential growth subsequently and quickly established itself as a trading hub in the Middle East.

Among the other attractions in the Dubai Heritage and Diving Village will be the craft shops. These boutiques showcase traditional Midst Eastern art and craft like pottery, weaving and hand-woven material. Relics of Dubai's maritime past will also be on display here and crossing the creek on an Abra (a traditional boat) is surely an immensely pleasurable experience.

Visitors could also experience the life of Bedouin nomads in the recreated village complete with weapons, authentic Bedouin tents and conventional household equipment.