• Sun, 25 Jan 2015 13:45:01 +0000: 11 tips to make your video interview run smoothly - Mashable

    You've landed the interview of your dreams. It's for a remote job that pays more than you ever thought you could make working part-time (or maybe it's for that international gig you've been daydreaming of). In short, you are over the moon!

    But the interview is over Skype and you are petrified. Of course, you'll try to look natural and you'll rehearse what you should say. But what if there is a terrible echo? Is it okay to join the interview sitting in bed in your room? (Where else will you find a background that hides your messy apartment!?)

    You've got this. Read on for a list of absolutely everything to do, from your tech setup to "designing your set," to making sure you look and sound fantastic on your video interview. Read more...

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  • Sun, 25 Jan 2015 13:15:21 +0000: Kids will eat their veggies if they get recess first - Mashable

    Left to their own devices, most kids will choose to gobble down ice cream or chocolate rather than broccoli or brussels sprouts. So, at school lunch, they'll likely eat the yummiest items first and then drop the rest in the trash. But a new study finds that kids eat more fruits and vegetables when school recess takes place before lunch, rather than after.

    "Recess is a pretty big deal to kids," said lead researcher Joe Price, an associate professor in the Department of Economics at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. "If you're going to make a kid choose between going to recess and eating their veggies, recess is going to win." Read more...

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  • Sun, 25 Jan 2015 13:04:28 +0000: How to boost your vitamin D intake in the dead of winter - Mashable

    Feeling a little gray? Your body might be lacking some vital vitamin D.

    The majority of winter days are cold, dark and often plagued with freezing snow or rain — not the most inviting weather for being outdoors. As a result, the amounts of the "sunshine vitamin" in our bodies can fall to dangerous levels, affecting our overall health.

    Luckily there are a few small lifestyle changes you can take to boost your daily vitamin D.

    First, let's look at why vitamin D is so important. The fat-soluble vitamin does a variety of things for the body, regulating up to 1,000 genes, or 5% of the human genome. You get vitamin D two ways: through food to make D2 or D3, or primarily through sunlight to make D3. Enzymes then react and create the active vitamin 1,25D Read more...

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  • Sun, 25 Jan 2015 12:07:17 +0000: 7 yummy, easy toppings that turn your smoothie into a full meal - Mashable

    There are few things better than sipping on a smoothie. Unfortunately, those refreshing beverages are also total heartbreakers that blur the line between meal and snack

    Instead of being hungry in an hour, turn your fruity concoction into a real (and eye-pleasing) meal. Just add one of these easy and filling toppings, with recipes adapted from the healthy life promoters, ALOHA

    You will never blend the same.

    1. Fruit


    Adding solid fruit to your liquefied fruit is an overlooked no-brainer. Whether you chop 'em or slice 'em, adding some fruit of your choice will be a hearty and juicy addition to your smoothie's filling factor Read more...

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  • Sun, 25 Jan 2015 04:52:16 +0000: 'Dope' just blew up Sundance - Mashable

    PARK CITY, Utah — Dope is exactly what the title says it is.

    Funky fresh, funny, complex and uncompromising, Dope — which made its world premiere Friday night at the Sundance Film Festival — is going to be one of those Sundance movies that, if it finds a good home, will be watched, rewatched, quoted, referenced and beloved for years to come.

    SEE ALSO: Sundance: All the 'most anticipated' movies top bloggers are dying to see

    Existing somewhere between Juice, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Spring Breakers, get ready for three main characters to unapologetically root for through a series of outlandish twists and turns that are somehow utterly plausible Read more...

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