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Great Tools To Convert MOV Files To WMV

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The Windows operating system platform is very popular around the globe. Most people have it installed on their machines, and it is said to be present in over 90% of computers worldwide. However, there are other players in the industry too, with Linux and Mac getting their fair share of publicity. Due to its apparent monotony of the market, Microsoft introduced the WMV format (short for Windows Media Video) for content streamed and played on its platform. The format has great pixels, and is relatively stable. Thus, it would not be a surprise for a Mac user (dependent on MOV files) to convert MOV to WMV.

Playing a WMV file on a Mac will not work, mainly because of operating system compatibility issues. Many have come across this problem, which has necessitated a need to find a tool to convert MOV to WMV (or any other type of file for that matter). It is important to note that the reverse process can also be done; it is just that the WMV format offers greater playing and streaming quality.

With that said, tools like Flip4Mac and VLC Media Player are great tools to convert MOV files to WMV. Both are free to use tools, and they offer other features as well. They do not lower the video quality, and the audio remains, as it was in the original file. Overall, they give you the freedom to do as you wish, which is important in video conversion tools.